Perfect Body Shaper (Original : PBS)
Perfect Body Shaper (Original : PBS)
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Perfect Body Shaper (Original : PBS)

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" Ever wished you had a firmer bust, sexier waistline and a tighter bottom ? "

Lover Beauty Latex Waist Trainer Body Shaper Women Tummy Shaper ...

Body shaper is an ergonomically designed, one-piece undergarment that gradually and gently provides instant body slimming & shaping. Body slimming is a revolutionary foundation garment that slenderizes and shapes your figure from below the bust line all the way to you hips and thighs. This super comfortable micro fiber  undergarment instantly smooths out bulges, bumps and rolls giving you a trim and firm look.

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A foundation garment (also known as shapewear or shaping undergarment) is an undergarment designed to temporarily alter the wearer's body shape, to achieve a more fashionable figure. The function of a foundation garment is not to enhance a bodily feature (as would, for example, a padded bra) but to smooth or control the display of one. Specific styles of foundation garment have been essential to some fashion movements, and required in some social situations in various fashion periods, particularly but not exclusively for women, foundation garment supports good blood circulation in the whole body. in addition to being very comfortable, this foundation garment is also extremely easy to wash.

" The Instant Body Slimming Shaper: Ever wished you could skip the diet, and exercise routines, yet instantly shrink dress sizes when needed? "


    ◉ easy to put on and take off
    ◉ Wear under any attire
    ◉ Hide swells and underwear lines in a split second
    ◉ Slims waist
    ◉ reshapes body giving a sexier appearance



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