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PEDICURE SCRUBBER is the take-anywhere electric pedi callus and dead skin remover that will help you keep your feet looking their best and feeling baby-soft, wherever you go....

It's not easy looking after your feet. They get forgotten, ignored and allowed to build up layer upon layer of dead skin, tough ugly calluses and cracked heels from suffering the rigours of day-to-day life. Often, it's only in the summer months, when we expose them through sandals and flip-flops, that we suddenly realise how neglected they are and need to do something about them - quickly.

PEDICURE SCRUBBER is a cordless, pocket-sized pedi skin remover that can take care of your poor, tired feet - anywhere, any time. The powerful motor spins the abrasion rollers at up to 2000 times per minute, rubbing through even the toughest, driest skin and making short work of ugly, nasty calluses.

Begin with the abrasion roller to remove the bulk of the problem, and then buff with the smoothing roller to leave your feet so baby-soft and smooth you'll be barefoot and feeling beautiful in no time!

And once you've got perfect-looking feet, you can keep PEDICURE SCRUBBER in your bag or carry case to take with you on holiday, or wherever you might need to keep your feet looking their best in minutes.

So forget the hard work of rubbing away with files and pads and stop being ashamed of your feet. Give them the love they deserve and show off your own super-smooth baby-soft feet today, with PEDICURE SCRUBBER.

  • Size:
    16cm x 6.5cm
  • Set includes:
    1 x Abrasion Roller, 1 x Smoothing Roller
  • Batteries:
    2 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Speed:
    Up to 2000 RPM

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