Handy Stitch (Original)
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Handy Stitch (Original)

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Handy Stitch Sewing Machine

What do you do when you’re on a business trip and you discover a tear in one of your favorite good luck suits which you were planning to wear for the pitch you’re about to give in 2 hours? Let the Singer Handy Stitch do the job! Who knew such a tiny, compact machine could do such wonders on different garments? The best part about this handy stitch is the immediate fix – you don’t even have to take off your clothes! Just slide the handy stitch into the cut and press down on the button!

The handy stitch comes with 3 mini spools of thread, 1 needle threader, and 2 needles for on-the-go use AND an extension for larger thread spools so you can roll in your favorite thread colors and stitch away at home!

  • Uses 4 AA batteries (Not included)
  • Includes 4 steel bobbins, 3 sewing needles, needle threader, and an extra spool pin for regular size thread
  • Dimensions - 9 L x 6 3/4 W x 2 D

Handy Stitch Sewing Machine 
> Lightweight and compact, fits in the palm of your hand
> Great for difficult to get at sewing jobs
> Cordless and battery operated
> Powerful enough to handle tough fabrics, gentle enough to handle delicate ones
> Includes needle, bobbin and thread. 
1 x Portable Cordless Electric Sewing Machine Handheld Handy Stitch 
1 x Spindle1 x Needle Threader 
1 x 2 Extra Needles 
1 x 3 Extra Bobbins with Thread