1.5HP Auto Incline Treadmill (HB 150AL)
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1.5HP Auto Incline Treadmill (HB 150AL)

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1.5HP Auto incline Treadmill is the perfect cardio and gyming machine. This1.5HP Treadmill has all the features and benefits which you get in any professional treadmill. This comes with 1.5HP DC motor. You get the speed option starting from 1KM/hour to 12KM/hr, so you can improve at your own pace. It has a 5 inch large LCD monitor to keep track of your speed, time, distance, heart rate and calories burnt. The electrometer is appropriate to give you accurate details of your workout. Running platform of this treadmill is very strong and durable and so does not shake or vibrate while using it. The wide belt is big enough for easy workouts. It is foldable and so is space saving. It comes with transportation wheels and is very compact and portable. This is made of professional quality steel. Due to its high quality it does not require any maintenance.


Improved Fitness: You improves your blood circulation, your joints become strong, you build muscles and can witness an increase in your overall fitness levels.
Weight Loss: One can burn calories by jogging or running, but by working out on a treadmill one make it even better and experience weight loss at a faster and effective rate.
Exercise any Time: Poor weather holds out fitness regime at bay. But with treadmill you can workout at your home.
Save Money: Buying a treadmill is a one time cost and is extremely beneficial in the long run.
Improve at your own pace: You are under "no pressure" and can adjust the speed from 1km/hr to 12km/hr.
Time Saving: Working out at the gym is time consuming and the traffic mostly holds our fitness regime at bay. But with treadmill at home, you can set your own time and workout accordingly.
Stat Tracking: One can track the time, distance and speed from the LCD present on the treadmill. Not only this one can also view the heart rate and the calories burnt.
Benefits your Family: This can be used by everybody in your house irrespective of the age.
Compact and Portable: It is fold-able workout machine which occupies minimal space at your home.
Privacy: One feels ashamed to workout at the gym due to people eyeing us. But with treadmill one can be comfortable of the soothing environment at home.


Stylish & trendy
Easy to install
5 inch LCD monitor to check Time, Distance, Calories Burnt, Speed
Emergency stop button
Durable Handgrip
Wide Running Belt
Accurate electrometer
Strong treadmill running platform
Foldable, easy to use, space saving
Dual Side Rollers
Transport wheels
Industrial strength material
Shock Absorption
SGS tested
Transport Wheels
Technical Support within 72 hours


Continuous Motor Duty : 1.5 HP
Peak duty : 3.0HP
Low noise DC drive motor
DC Motor : 1.5HP DC Motor continuous,
Belt type : 385 x 2380 x 1.6mm Belt
Running area : 385 x 1150mm
Manual incline of 3 Levels
Speed Range : 1-12 Kms
Max user weight : 100 kg
1 Year Warranty*
2 Year Extended Warranty**